” As a police officer I saw the negative consequences of drug prohibition and began to question a system that has led to cheaper, purer and more easily accessible drugs. I saw the corruption of police and other public officials, and the growth of criminal groups. Most alarmingly I saw the growth in violence.”

Greg Denham, LEAP founder

Are you concerned about the impact of drug prohibition?

As a current and form police officer do you keep asking yourself why do we persist with an approach toward illicit drugs that puts the community at greater risk, provides money for criminal gangs, corrupts some police and yet has little or no impact on drug availability? FIND OUT MORE >

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” America’s public enemy number one in the United States is drug abuse. In order to fight and defeat this enemy, it is necessary to wage a new, all-out offensive.”

US president Richard Nixon, 1972

The history of 
drug prohibition

Nixon’s policy of total war against drug abuse created an environment where police were pitted against everyday Americans. As it became apparent that police couldn’t win this war, instead of taking a different approach an escalation began of more police with greater powers, tougher laws, harsher sentences and more people imprisoned.

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Drugs and 

Drugs are as much a part of culture and civilisation as any other tool that humans have developed to enjoy and ease the burden of life and deal with a range of ailments. We know there are risks associated with most drug-taking, and few of us are not touched by the personal stories of lives ruined. Yet many of these risks are connected to the illegality of some drugs.

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About LEAP and legalisation

LEAP is an international organization with representatives in the USA, UK, Belgium, many other European countries and Latin America. LEAP is made up of serving and former police officers who believe that our current approach towards drug enforcement has failed and a new approach is needed. LEAP believes that the best way to reduce the negative consequences of drug use is the regulated and controlled availability of currently illicit drugs.

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